Synopsis: New Action and Drama Movie "捉姦隊 Mistress Killer 捉姦俠" is about the mistress in modern society. Recently a Kung Fu warrior who focuses on catching mistresses appears in the city. Rumors about him/her spread quickly. Also a lot of mistresses hate him/her very much. One day, the Mistress Killer accepted a mission. but it maked her fall into trouble. The behind boss sets up her and wants to kill her...
故事简介:最新电影《捉奸队 Mistress Killer 捉奸侠》 讲述城市里出现了一个专门捉奸惩恶并被人们称为捉奸侠,关于她的传说四起,同时她也遭到众多小三的记恨。近日,捉奸侠接连遇到不少麻烦事件,又承诺了一桩极为困难的调查事件,殊不知这背后都是有人搞的阴谋。捉奸侠陷入困境,人们纷纷声讨,背后的人要令捉奸侠身败名裂还要置她于死地。就在最危机时刻意,捉奸侠要如何脱离困境…
出品 Studio: IFG 互联网电影集团
导演 Director: 耿磊 Geng Lei
主演 Starring: 李萌萌 Li Mengmeng, 齐凌 Qi Ling
题材 Genres: 动作 Action, 剧情 Drama
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